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A report of the partners' experience with the project Collaborative Economy without Barriers, containing practical guidelines and tips about how to start using collaborative economy in inclusive adult education together with some success stories, strengths and weaknesses of the project and suggestions to improve the efficacy of the proposed approach. During the project the learners developed soft and ICT skills needed to enter the sector of collaborative economy and developed practical craft skills that can be spent in the production and selling of their own products. Through this report the reader can learn how to guide the learners (with disability/social disadvantages) in a similar learning path. Download the report here.
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CEB Project final newsletter by the Romanian partner

COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY WITHOUT BARRIERS Strategic Partnership in the field of adult education for the exchange of good pratices CEB Project newsletter  THE AIMS OF THE PROJECT To lay down the barriers to collaborative consumption, collaborative production, collaborative learning, collaborative finance through: A joint training event for the educators/occupational therapists/social workers of the Partner Organization. 5 learning mobilities for adult people with disability and/or with social obstacles aiming at the accuiring relevant skills about handcrafting, green services and ICT. Common local workshops addressing 15 adult people with disability and/or with social obstacles on the principles of collaborative economy, self-awareness, enrolment in on-line platforms, communication and safety. PARTNERS The project is a three year Strategic Partnership for the exchange of good practices among the staff of the five involved organizations. The project is coordinated by the Associazione Uniamo