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Some sessions about the development of self-awareness for the users of Associazione Uniamoci Onlus

In June and July, we carried out some activities from Guidelines “How to develop self-awareness”  produced by Collaborative Economy without Barriers – CEB. The aim of this set of instruments is to help social workers to develop self-awareness in people with disabilities through exercises, suggestions and activities. Self-awareness is the ability to see ourselves clearly by introspection and it is very useful for the personal development. Being self-aware gives us the possibility to discover what is important to us, what we like and dislike and what we want. It is incredibly significant when we have to make a good choice in our lives and it makes us more proactive, with a better self-esteem and capable to see things from the others’ perspective. The activities proposed during June and July are: “My self-portrait”, “Rate yourself”, “Me over time”, “Flower self-analysis”, “Be able to say no!”, “If you were a business product”, “What about me”, “Yes or no”. Some of those exercises were a
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Blended mobility: Sustainable community

  Blended mobility: Sustainable community The GoGreen - Skopje team dedicated the blended mobility to educating the users about what it takes to create a sustainable community. To achieve this, each day of the week was devoted to a specific eco topic and after the topic was discussed, the users proceeded to create paper models of the neighborhood. The mobility started on Monday the 22nd of March and ended on Friday the 26th. First, the participants got the chance to practice their English skills and introduce themselves. Afterwards, the Go Green team introduced the agenda for the following week and explained the importance of teaching the users these topics. Day 1: Air pollution & the building of the house model During the first day the participants were presented with the definition, causes and effects of air pollution. This topic caused a discussion about how the modes of transport contribute to the pollution of air. Then, as the users were building models of houses, they were al

Blended mobility by Go Green Skopje online

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our blended mobility in Macedonia had to be held totally on-line. We decided to use the zoom and our Macedonian partner guided us through this new way of transnational learning in 5 days of on-line activities, from 22 to 26 March 2021. The training sessions where organized in a workshop at the discovery of how to make our cities energy efficient. Each training session was composed of a theoretical and a practical part for the addition of new elements in a 3D model of sustainable city. On the first day the groups deepened the topic of air pollution and starting the building of energy efficient houses with cardboard and glue: The second day was dedicated to the concept of energy efficiency and the practical building of an energy efficient school for their cities: On the third day the concept of energy source was discussed and subsequently the participants built windmills and solar panels to be placed respectively in the countryside around

Virtual mobilities proposed by Go Green in Uniamoci Onlus

  A total of 6 virtual mobilities proposed by the Macedonian Partner Go Green Skpopje involved adults disabled people, disadvantaged people, educators and volunteers from all the partner’s organizations. Six different activities connected with the field of collaborative economy or to be entered on this market. The first virtual mobility was about the re-use of old magazines for the creation of envelopes. An easy and relaxing activity that produced some nice and useful objects: The second virtual mobility involved the participants in a workshop for the re-use of plastic bottles that can be turned in colourful plant pots with the shape of animals. This activity has been fun and very creative: The third virtual mobility involved the participants in a workshop for the re-use of plastic cups: they can become mosaic tails! The participants created abstract and simple figurative mosaics: The fourth virtual mobility involved the participants in a workshop for the creation of coasters from card

Upcycling plastic bottles to make flower pots

  Upcycling plastic bottles to make flower pots On the 18th March we organized a workshop with the aim of upcycling plastic bottles. In preparation of the workshop we discussed how most single use plastic products (as the name suggests) never get repurposed. Purchasing plastic water bottles is a common practice among people in our country which significantly contributes to the waste pile that never gets recycled. The way we decided to tackle this obstacle was to suggest to our users to use these plastic bottles and make plant pots out of them. We started the workshop by explaining to the users alternatives to plastic bottles, we suggested they invest in a sustainable long lasting water bottle which they can carry everywhere they go and can easily fill up in any park in the city. Then we proceeded to discuss how not only is this alternative better for the environment but it is also very cost effective.   After the discussion we rolled up our sleeves and started working! First, the users

Upcycling magazines to create envelopes

Upcycling magazines to create envelopes On 16th March 2021 we organized a workshop in which we upcycled old fashion magazines and turned them into colorful envelopes. The aim of this workshop was to teach the users a new way of using old paper products.  We started by having  a discussion about paper waste. The users named paper products that they regularly buy. Some of them read the daily newspapers, while others buy monthly issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines. We asked the users what happens after they finish reading the magazine. Most of them answered that they just store the magazines and newspapers in their home and after a few months throw them away. We introduced many upcycling ideas for them to try before choosing to discard the paper. We proposed to the users to make colorful collages which they could hang on the walls to easily decorate empty bedroom walls, we showed them a simple technique they can use to create coasters and during the workshop we focused on creating

Blended mobility by Diakonie Bremen on-line

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our blended mobility in Germany had to be held totally on-line. We decided to use the zoom and our German partner guided us through this new way of transnational learning in 5 days of on-line activities, from 23 to 27 November 2020. On the first day the groups realized some Rainsticks: schamanic Instruments (originally made from cactus plants and thorns) by upcycling and decorating. On the second day the groups worked on Building concrete planters and light holders: On the third day the groups made a Virtual Tour at Bremen city sights and Fine Art gallery: The fourth day was dedicated to Decorating porcelain cups or pottery by adding something to the decoration of your coffee cups etc or starting with a new one: On the sixth day the groups made some other virtual tours (Bremen Europapunkt and Bremen Vegesack and Worpswede and an artist‘s view on the landscape) and worked on the creation of dreamcatchers, 3-D Greeting Cards and Unique Env