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An overview about Collaborative Economy in Uniamoci Onlus and in Italy

Talking about experiences of collaborative economy that were promoted by Associazione Uniamoci Onlus, the main example is the organization of SWAP PARTIES. At a Swap Party, a group of people get together to swap items – from clothes to toys, books to sports equipment. Swap Parties make acquiring new things into a fun, interactive event, which also reduces our environmental impact through recycling products: reusing a product, rather than buying a new one, reduces the demands for water, energy and raw materials. This reduces the impact on the environment. We usually organize it twice a year from 4 years already, one at the beginning of spring and one at the beginning of winter.

We also created a wall of kindness, that is a wallwhere people can leaveclothesthey are not using anymore, so that the people in need have the possibility to freely take what they like.

Talking about “Collaborative learning”, in our organization we are promoting peer learning, offering the opportunity to who has some…
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Kick-off meeting in Palermo

A few days ago the kick-off meeting of the project was held in Palermo.
A good occasion for the partner to meet and to get to know the organization Go Green, new entry in their network! A fruitful moment to deepen the project features and to plan in detail the next local and transnational activities, starting to develop ideas about how to make Collaborative Economy accessible for people with disability.
Here some photos about the meeting and the working group:

Our project in brief